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Thank you to everyone who participated this round. This was my favorite round so far!

.....and the last icon maker standing for round #3 is..... )
Banners from the past challenges will be posted soon as well sign ups.
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So the entries were submitted a tad early so voting is up early. Woot!! This will determine our last icon maker standing for round #3!! Please vote!! Sign ups for round #4 will be up after the winners are posted. Voting will end by Saturday October 16th at 11PM EDT. I hope to have at least 6 votes but I would really like to have a lot more than that.

voting under the cut for challenge #12 )
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Here is the last challenge for round #3! This is a two part challenge.

Here's how it goes down:
-Icons are due Wednesday October 13th at 11PM EDT.
-You may only participate if you are signed up for round #3 & have not been eliminated yet.
-Follow the LJ standards (not over 40k, 100x100 pixels, etc).
-Only 1 icon may be submitted per part. It must be newly made for this challenge, no recycling icons.
-If you need to use your skip, let me know. Since there are so few of you left, there are no more skips!!
-Entries must be entered by commenting on this post with both the image and the image URL.

Part 1: Episode - Hush
Make an icon from the episode Hush. You may either use the caps below or caps of your own. I got the caps below from here. Blending is allowed.

challenge #12 - part 1 - images )

Part 2: Episode Stills
I have uploaded random episode stills. You must use one (or more) of the following images.

challenge #12 - part 2 - images )

Entries: 03/03


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